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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Breanna's Post

L.A - We are doing novel studies in groups. It was fun for some of us.

MATH - Half of 6-01 is doing integers  with positive and negative numbers with Mrs. Orloff.
It's fun for me.

SS -We went to the park to see the war Cenotaph.

SCI - We made sundials and tested them out side. It was so much fun!

FRENCH - In French the class went through the play altogether. 

ART - In art class Mr. Bonnici started water colour paintings.

WOODS - It's hard but the student teacher makes it fun to learn how to make diagrams. 

The best part of my week was to top it off with a cherry! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bailey's Post

L.A - In LA we have started Daily 4. I really like reading to my partner!!

MATH - In math we are learning about angles. There are obtuse angles,right angles, straight, and reflex. The hardest one for me is the reflex!!

SS -We just finished our presentations for World War One. WW1 was HORRIBLE. I don't understand why people would do just horrible things, but researching it was fun!

SCI - In science we are learning about the planets. we learned that Uranus is the only planet  on its side, and that the shadows of ourselves and other things change over the day!!

FRENCH - In French we are working on a new play about animals trying to get water from a magical tree. It sounds like this play is going to be really fun!!

BAND - In band we are working hard for the spring concert,which is coming up soon!! I hope you will be watching!

HOME Ec. - In Home Ec, we have just cut out the patterns that we will be sewing together to make a stuffed dolphin and soon we will be able to cook! How cool!!!

The best part of my week was Home Ec, because I have missed all the other classes and was excited to finally be going!!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Riley's Post

L.A - The class is doing "Novel Studies". We are sorted into groups then given a book to read together! My group is reading "Holes by Louis Sachar". What a Ground Breaking book! (pun) 

MATH - We are learning about degrees and labeling them!

SS - We're learning about the Prime Ministers of Canada!

SCI - We're blasting off to learn about space! 

FRENCH - We have just finished a play that was all in french! 

ART - We've been creating our names in 3D!

WOODS - We're building wooden spinning tops! It's super fun!

The best part of my week was sorting the potatoes at "Winnipeg Harvest".

Monday, 13 March 2017

Nolan's Post

L.A - The best part about LA is every Day 6 we have reading buddies.

MATH -The best thing about math is when were done doing multiples with blocks we get to play with them.

SS -SS is awesome; how we learn about history.

SCI - I like science when we get to build something.

FRENCH - The best part of French is when we get to watch a movie every Friday.

ART - I like art because we get to draw, paint, and do lots of things.

HOME EC. - Home Ec is fun when we cook stuff.

The best part of my week was Home Ec.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Kaithlin's Post

L.A - For L.A, we had been assigned to our reading buddies in high school.

MATH -In our math class, we had a test about integers recently.

SS - For social studies, we started on our research about the prime ministers of Canada.

SCI - In science class,  we are learning about space and how it'd be like to live there.

FRENCH -This is my favourite part. In french class, we are doing a play about a girl visiting a boy named "Pierre".

ART - In art class, we are learning about one point perspective. We made a poster with our name and a word that described us in a good way.

HOME EC. - Home Ec. was great because we made grilled cheese and it was super good!

The best part of my week was when we met our reading buddies.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Margaret's Post

L.A - In L.A. we are working on writing stories for little kids. The stories are about the 7 teachings. 

MATH -Math is fun when your with room 60-1.why? Well it's fun cause you can learn something that you never heard about like mixed and improper fractions. 

SS - In SS,we learned about the history of the past like Residential Schools.

SCI - In SCI, we're learning about electricity that comes from renewable or non-renewable sources, like oil and coal.  

FRENCH - In French we are doing a play. We have four people in my group and my role is a police. I only have 4 lines. It's not the best role but that's that.

ART -In art, we're doing our name but in 3D. I know it's cool and we have to put a word down on the paper and choose a word that matches me. So I put powerful. 

TECH - In Tech, we are going to build airplanes. My plane is a fighter plane. On the sides of it you can see the jet's logo.
The best part of my week was being with my friends and being with the best teacher of the world.